How do you Create a Teachable Course

Do you want to create your own Teachable Course? Are you one of those people who love teaching? Are you good at explaining and talking?

Were you one of those people who would teach a whole chapter to a friend right before your test and they end up passing? 

Oh, well, guess this article is just right for you! 

Keeping aside your likes, this market of teaching and learning also is a very unique way to earn a living! 

Since everyone these days seems to be glued to their computers, the online education industry has grown massive, thanks to the gadgets at everyone’s place.

As you can see, most people need this type of education especially in times like this and so, you are given a chance to follow your passion also in the form of this particular type of profession. 

If you are still with me, I assume you would like to move forward and get to the steps to how you can create a course under teachable!   


Online learning reinvented. This is possibly the only way to describe Teachable. Being a platform that encompasses everything and is a place where users can buy and sell courses. Creating courses now comes with ease. 

With Teachable bringing simplicity to the table. Content Creators don’t need to worry about hosting and payments. Teachable does all that for you.

All a content creator needs to do is focus on their skills. They must hone their skills and give the best content that users would benefit from. All you have to do is focus on your value addition, the rest will be taken care of. 

Let us sail through this article and learn more about this platform that envelopes something from each industry, and explore your path in fulfilling your passions for teaching.  

How it helps you-

You are given part-time or full-time income- you know when you are watching a youtube video and there’s so much change in the camera angle and you just wonder how long they took to make this 3-minute video? Crazy, isn’t it? 

Oh, don’t worry, you are not going to have to work that much for creating your course. This is much easier to monetize! 

The courses are renewable- somedays, you feel so energetic that you make three courses in a row, and then, there are that other dark, cloudy days where all you wanna do is relax on the couch and watch Netflix. 

Well, this other advantage benefits you exactly like that! You don’t have to make this an everyday job. You can do it on weekends or at night or in the afternoon or just whenever your heart feels like it. 

But the actual question arises right when you are on your couch, Brooklyn 99 being a click away, the question being how is one course going to benefit you and how will that be enough. 

Oh, I know the answer right to that question and that is it won’t be the same course. 

Hmm, I see that frown there. Don’t you worry! As you can reformat, rewrite, resell, repurpose for as long as your heart desires. 

You would still be profiting from a course you created a decade ago! 

Everyone has unique knowledge- ever heard the saying, “everyone’s different.”?

So, it is true. Teachable offers you to explore yourself and gives you multiple opportunities to get it right. 

Some people aren’t good with numbers and some can solve an entire Sudoku puzzle in a matter of 5 minutes. Now, these people have different talents and so do you! 

Just because you have no idea about teaching programs or investments in stocks, doesn’t mean you would make a bad teacher. 

No, it doesn’t. The thing is, you are allowed to teach about anything you would like. Courses ranging from ice cream making to painting! Now, you see what a wide range of topics is covered here? You don’t need any knowledge regarding the usual boring tech stuff. Just switch your camera on and create a course on how to curl your hair! 

Authority? Oh, right, that’s you already!- you know how you are afraid to drive with real, moving vehicles, yes, MOVING! Vehicles on the street even though you have been practicing for months? That is exactly how many feel about enlightening others on things. 

We have noticed that there’s been someone who was a beginner not 4 months ago and is a so-called “expert” now. Well, throw away the title of the expert because you are the one who knows how well you know your topic. And if you know your topic well enough, you’ve earned the title of an expert! 

So, Mr. Expert, stop doubting yourself and get going!  

Charging a little extra is totally acceptable- have a feeling your course isn’t being paid it’s worth? No worries because education is something the world seems to value. 

Education is knowledge.

You know, you have the skill to educate. 

You have the skill to educate, you have the right to put a price on that. 


Do not hesitate to price your course according to what you think is right. But also keep in mind that many might not be able to afford it. So, something reasonable is a win-win situation for everyone! 


A high ROI-  if you’ve done your homework about the content and only creating the course is left, you don’t have to worry about the time you’d have to invest in making the course.


But let’s assume you woke up today morning and decided to create a course on teachable with no background work, you’d still be spending less time on the course compared to a blog or a series of videos. 


What I mean to say is that you can just go ahead and make a course based on your perception on a Friday or a Tuesday and still make money! 


Help the crowd in one go-  does it ever get annoying having to tell eighteen people the same thing over and over again? Yes? Oh, good because you won’t be facing this issue with teachable! 


One course can help a lot of people with a single watch. 


Produce a course and publish it. Relax and feel the joy of helping someone! 




Step 1- lie back and close your eyes, imagine opening a door. A door to your mind. You see a huge shelf stocked with your ideas on the right. Now, take long strides toward that shelf and look for the most commercial project to create a foundation for your course.   


Keep in mind how this shelf is full of the never spoken, fractured, or unfinished plans and this is your chance to turn those plans into reality. 


Also, do not worry about not finding anything good on that shelf. Just look to your left, on the other side of your mind room, and see how the magic powder is building these new topics you might find interesting. 


Just take a look all around that room, swirl, and notice if any idea catches your eye. 


Oh! Oh! Did you smile widely and did your eyes open wide in excitement when you thought of a plan? Congratulations, this is your ideal topic to make the course about! 


And you’re welcome! 


Step 2- adjusting your income goal is advantageous to you. A lot.


It doesn’t matter if your goal is $3000 or $300000. Just have a goal but decide it as a beginner and set another goal once you’ve reached the previous one. 


A really helpful way to set forth the worth of your doing is by pricing your courses just the right way. Ever looked at a cheap object and thought, “must be poor quality”. Oh well, that is exactly what’ll happen if you charge your courses too less for its actual worth.  


So, Do not cower away from charging a high amount on your courses. But have no idea about what rate is reasonable? Good news for you because Teachable also provides a pricing strategy for newcomers! 


Notice how the value of your courses is also displayed by the content in it. Meaning, your cost won’t do much if the content isn’t presented well. 


Step 3- oh a great way to captivate your audience is by giving stuff away for free! E-books, podcasts, mini-courses, etc are a lot more helpful than you think.


Teachable likes to call these lead magnets. 

So, let’s go with that name. Also, they have a favorite under the lead magnet and it is mini-courses! 


Now, you would like to associate these lead magnets directly to the content in your courses. This would be a small introduction to the depth of your course.


Also, observe how the people captivated by the lead magnet are also the ones who will put the effort into learning your course.


Step 4- oh, the most confusing part is here. Putting a price on your courses. 


Now, we all have been at a place where it doesn’t matter what we do, it just doesn’t seem worth the expense. 


Oh, rub that pout off of your face and think about how you could help your students transform with the particular skill they’ll acquire, all thanks to your courses.  


Isn’t the transformation worth the bucks? Yes, it is because knowledge is beyond price. 


Step 5- well, the fun begins right about now! 


You get to design and begin building your online school and your sales page. 


Although, there’s a minor part of choosing what features are non-negotiable for you which plays a huge role, by the way. 


Things teachable sees important- 

  • A resourceful platform: a captivating platform does more than you know. It directly reflects on your course content sometimes.
  • Owning a domain name: oh, this is kind of a very important point to note. A domain makes it easier for your pupils to reach out to you directly and also contributes to making your brand a notch up professional. 
  • A phone to respond: who doesn’t own a phone these days? Exactly. Almost everyone who will be attending your school is going to own a phone and it’ll make it easier for them to contact you too. 
  • Have authority over your students: a few websites are known for how they decrease your share of money on the profit without your supervision and also deny any access to your student data. 
  • Keep your payment methods ready: a good way to strengthen your business is by the payment procedure. 


Another essential thing is making a sales page. 


Teachable has listed the following that’ll help you build a proper sales page-

  • Heading: this is basically what your transformation will include. 
  • Subtopic: you can include the things that’ll be involved in the course. 
  • A promo video: this is optional but is better! A 2-minute video can help in promoting your brand. 
  • An explanation: a brief description of the course would be a good idea.
  • Recommendation: if you aren’t a newbie and already have a fandom of a few, then they vouching for you would help you on great levels. So, go team! 
  • Charges: wouldn’t you like to know what you’ll be paying for? Well, it’s the same here. Your audience would like it if you mentioned your prices.  

Step 6- oh, the reason you are doing this is finally here. 


You have your idea, you have your prices confirmed and now, you can get to creating your courses right about now!


But the most crucial part of this step is carrying out the process of talking and explaining. 


Well, teachable believes that the best way to make a course is by dividing your idea into steps. These steps will be renamed as chapters in your course. 


 Another thing that might be beneficial is adding a conclusion at the end of every chapter and a goal at the end of the course. 


Step 7- the last step is launching. 


Teachable has made it easier for you with this crazy 8 launch strategy! 


The sequence will have a look something like this: 

  • Day 1: feel free to tease your course out. 
  • Day 2: respond to what the course is all about.
  • Day 3: let your fandom and audience know that you are open now! 
  • Day 4: be sure to reply to the FAQs. 
  • Day 5: a bombshell bonus for those who purchase the course now. 
  • Day 6: showing how grateful you are will help.
  • Day 7: insert a nice, practical argument to get the course now and tell them that your course is closing. 
  • Day 8: an email for three days saying that it’s your last day will help.





  • $39 per month.
  • There’s no limit for your students.
  • The transaction fee is 5%.
  • You have a third person to interact with.
  • The coupon codes are available. 
  • 2 admin-level user.
  • There’s full support for the product.
  • There’s a training course provided for beginners. 



  • $119 per month. 
  • There’s an integrated affiliate market. 
  • There are quizzes.
  • 5 admin-level users.
  • Certificates for course completion. 
  • The reports are advanced. 
  • Compliance with the course. 
  • The payouts are almost instant.



  • $299 per month.
  • The transaction fees are canceled here. 
  • The theme customization is advanced. 
  • 20 admin-level users are available.
  • There’s a hefty amount of student enrollment.  


Pros and cons- 




  • There’s no way you will find anything tedious. 
  • Your students will share the same interests as you.
  • You don’t need any practice or a low amount of self-confidence just because you’re a newbie. 
  • Oh, the timings for you to work is just anytime! 
  • You get to be in control of your class.




  • Teachable takes a share of your profits. 
  • It might take longer than you expected for your fandom to grow. 




All those budding mentors sitting at home wishing they could spread their knowledge can now spread their wings with Teachable. 


Have you ever been to a place where working looks like a demon’s chamber and all you do is wish to go home, finally getting back to the glass painting you started about three weeks ago? 


Do you end up thinking about teaching about those skills of yours to help others?


Can’t keep your tongue from rolling over your lips, imaging the scent of those baby cupcakes growing inside the walls of the oven? 


If the answer is yes, yes and yes, you know where to go. 


You get to work when you want, where you want and how you want all while doing something you are so good at and find peace in doing it, thanks to teachable! 




Is it necessary to take courses regularly? 

Oh, no, you can take as long as you like to create a course. 

You don’t have a definite time to finish the course which means you get more freedom to decide when to work and when to not. 


Is it important to be familiar with the tech to perform the procedure? 

Not. all you need is a mind with multiple ideas and plans to come up with spontaneously.  

Your knowledge is all that you require with a pinch of hard work.


Do you have to pay for your set-up? 

You can launch your school for free!

There isn’t a price for the setup but you do have packages for creating the course. 



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