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Podia vs Teachable [Year] | Which Is The Best Option For You Online? (In-Depth Comparison)

Read here our detailed comparison on Podia vs Teachable [Year] and decide which one works better!

Online teaching platforms are great to hype these days. The LMS  I. E.  learning management systems are online platforms for learning, teaching, and selling various online courses.

Here different content creators and teachers can showcase their talent and upload them.  The learners on the same hand get a platform where they can search for various courses and get different instructors to get trained.

The idea of these teaching platforms is a really beneficial one for both students and teachers and they can avail the most out of it. These platforms can make your life much easier when it comes to teaching and learning or maybe discovering some new skills and hobbies.

There are multiple online platforms like these available worldwide. Podia and teachable are two such platforms 2hich are recognized worldwide as two of the finest teaching platforms.

Although both of them are similar in a lot of aspects, there are subtle differences in other aspects as well. We are going to study them on the various features, advantages, and other aspects and will assist you to decide which one will be the most convenient for you based on your needs. 

Podia vs Teachable [Year]: Overview


Podia was launched in the year 2014, in New York City by its founder Spencer Fry. It began as a site for sellers of online courses and digital downloads.

Podia Overview- Podia vs teachable

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Podia is a really popular online teaching platform offering various services to both teachers and the students. It is a multi-tasking platform that arrives with different kinds of features like course creation, ability to buy and sell digital resources, membership, and various others as well.

A thing that makes podia stand out from others is that unlike other sites Podia does not charge any fee out if what you earn from it.

Podia is not a really old player in the market of online platforms, but keeping all things in mind, despite it being a new child, it’s definitely worth a consideration. 


Teachable, previously known as a fedora is a project which is formed by Ankur Nagpal, with the main aim of providing and spreading quality education to everyone.

Teachable Overview- Podia vs teachable

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Teachable is a highly popular online teaching platform that keeps in mind and caters to all the needs of online program creators.

Teachable offers it’s users various different features and creative functions to make its work look appealing and it is a platform providing plenty of room for other tools and personalization as well.

It has been six years since teachable was formed and till now has been providing quality education to around 20+million people worldwide and is a source of income for 30000+ creators.

Keeping in mind all of this teachable should definitely be considered if you plan to start an online course. 

Let’s look further and know which is better in Podia vs Teachable comparison given.

Podia vs Teachable: User Interface

The user interface of a site is a very important thing. It is the first thing that the consumer comes in contact with when he opens the site or platform and gives the first impression.

And as everyone knows that the first impression is the last impression having g an impressive and appealing user interface is a must to attract the maximum number of consumers 


PODIA has a great UI/UX platform. At first when you open and login to  PODIA you come across a choice, which is whether you want to create a membership,  an online course, or a digital download.

Unlike the centric sidebar that you can see in teachable, here in PODIA you have a UI which is centric and which most people are more familiar with and find it easy to use.

Discovering features in PODIA is very easy as you get a proper and organized arrangement of all the features available. 


The moment you login into teachable, the first thing that you get to see is the welcome screen. You just have to click the sidebar or the submenu to access the desired features available.

It is a minute’s work to sight out the features that you are looking for in teachable because just like PODIA you get an organized intuitive and logical arrangement of all the features available.

The UI is very appealing and invites you to work on it. 

Verdict: Both the platforms PODIA and teachable have an equally well centric UI that is visually appealing and simple to use at the same time. Also, most of the features are more or less the same. Thus no one wins in the war of interface and it’s a tie. 

Podia vs Teachable: Course Creation

Course creation is the main feature of both these platforms as the main aim of setting up these platforms was giving people a website /platform where they can easily buy, sell and create various online teaching courses. 


In podia, in order to build up a brand new content, all it makes you do is add in some details and you will then be taken to the tool that helps you build a curriculum.

Also, you can divide the course into various sections or subsections, try to add on various videos of different subjects, and more.

You can make it better by adding various files, links, texts, quizzes, sections, and other various types of questions to analyze the knowledge and grasp of the students.

You can also set up an option where you can send email notifications and reminders to your customers or users in order to update them on new courses. You also get the drip content feature in podia for your content just like teachable.

Other than this there are many kore innovative and creative features available other than this. 


Just like Podia, Teachable also has a drip content feature. 

You can drip the sections of various different courses so that you can make sure that students don’t binge-watch everything at another than the features that podia have to offer like quizzes, videos, sections, add code features, teachable has many other features to opt as well.

Offers course compliance, certificate mechanism where the user gets an inbuilt certification of the course to see the progress of the course, and many more. 

Verdict – Both podia and teachers have a lot of similar features available but teachable offers the user with many additional features that are easy to use and are very creative. Thus teachable is a clear winner in terms of course creation. 

Podia vs Teachable: Customization


Podia has a great editor for its users that helps you to customize the different aspects of your site. Customization is a really important aspect and feature as this is what makes your content different from what others have.

Podia Customization- Podia and Teachable comparison

Podia lets you customize the design of your storefront, sales page, upsell page. But the widgets and customization tools that pod is offering to its consumers is much more different and limited than teachable. 


In Teachable you get a built-in theme. Other than that you can find many other options that you can play with like font, colors, logos, buttons, and, moreover you get a really powerful editor to edit pages like sales page, delivery page of, and checkout page as well.

Teachable Customization- Podia vs Teachable

Teachable also offers you an out of the box editing feature which makes it possible for you to customize the files directly giving the designers and developers much more freedom to play and experiment with their designs. 

Verdict: however both of them have a great editor and designing systems, the editing feature of teachable gives it a lot more bonus points.

Teachable also has customization and design options that are way more ahead and superior to podia. Other than that the options and features given by teachers are a way lot easier and simple to use than podia.

Thus teachable wins the battle of customization. 

Podia vs Teachable: Site Builder


In podia, you have no control over the style that your header, toolbar, navigation bar, buttons, or other elements will Have. All. You can control the color and size of the font and various other elements available.

Podia Page Builder- Teachable vs Podia

Also as a part of your subscription, you get free hosting and SSL. The page builders are really easy to use and they also have an option of a prebuilt page that you can add on just with a single click. 

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Teachable also offers you features that are more or less similar to podia. You get a free SSL and hosting once you form an account on the teachable platform.

Teachable Page Builder

The teachable team also helps and supports you in all the ways it could like in maintenance, security, and backup. The platform provides not a vast variety of site themes.

You get a default template that you can use in order to edit and customize your pages. The page builder offered by it is so easy to use that it can even be used by a beginner.

As compared to podia, the text editor given by teachable is somewhat better than podia as you have a lot of formatting options and you can play with the text font, size and color and even add an image in between, all of which cannot be possible with podia. 

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Verdict – Keeping in mind the features and options given by teachable and podia, both of them are more or less the same in the website builder they offer.

At times one differs from others in some aspects but it is covered by the benefits that the other one has to offer. Thus, according to us both of them weigh the same in the scale of the site builder. 

Podia vs Teachable: Pricing


Podia Pricing- Podia vs Teachable

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Free Plan – No free plan available 

Starting Price –  The starting price for podia is 39$/ month 

Paid Plan  – Podia offers two different varieties in its paid plan –

  • Mover – This plan costs 39$/ month. 
  • Shaker –  This plan costs 79$ / month. 

USAGE LIMITS – Both of the plans given above offer the following –

  • Unlimited products
  • Customers
  • Emails sent to the users
  • Sales
  • Files hosted

Support  –  Podia gives you the support of live chat and also it offers email support to its consumers. 


Teachable Pricing Monthly

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Free Plan    –  Teachable offers a  plan which is free of cost to its users but it charges an additional 10% as transaction cost for it. 

Starting Price – the starting price that teachable offers are 39$ for a month 

Paid Plans – Teachable offers three different varieties of paid plans

  • Basic plan – The basic plan costs around 25 $/ month and takes a 5% transaction cost for the same.
  • Professional plan – the professional plan costs 79 $ / month and takes 0%                                                                    transaction cost for the same.
  • Business plan – The business plan costs 399$/ month and takes 0% transaction cost for the same

Usage Limit –  each and every plan of the available plans including the free one arrived with – 

  • Unlimited number of courses
  • Unlimited number of students
  • An unlimited number of hostings.
  • An unlimited number of videos that you can watch.

Support – teachable offers email support in the free plans and in the plans that require payment  offer live to chat as well 

Verdict –  where podia do not charge a transaction fee at all, teachable charges a transaction cost of five percent. even in the basic plan. One drawback of podia is that one can only avail of the feature if membership when you are in its shaker plan Podia also does not offer any of its plans for free.

If you are not willing to pay a transaction fee at all then you should definitely go for podia.  On the basis of the pricing, podia is a winner as it does not cost any transaction fee and also offers the live chat feature with all its available plans. 

Podia vs Teachable: Customer Support

Customer support is one thing that helps make your impression and keep it on even after they avail of your services. It is a very important aspect not only of teaching platforms but of each and every kind of platform available. 


Podia offers both live chat support and email customer support to all of its consumers and in all the available plans as well. The average waiting time for the consumers of podia is around 10 – 15 minutes. 


Teachable offers free email support to all its consumers availing all the plans but in order to get its email support one needs to have a professional plan or a plan above it, the average waiting time for teachable consumers is around 12 – 20 minutes. 

Verdict – Based on the above findings, podia customer support is much more active and friendly and you get all of it at no cost as well. Other than that it also offers on-site question and answer platforms which helps to answer all your what’s, how’s, and whys. 

Podia vs Teachable: Checkout


The checkout process of podia is really well optimized and easy to use. Once the user pays for the course they want to apply for, the platform asks them to make an account and reminds them about it if needed.

Also with the help of all different techniques embedded they get yo know of the users’ location and calculate the VAT according to their country and currency automatically.

Podia, unlike teachable, offers a multi-step payment process where after giving all the details the consumer is then moved to the payment page. 


teachable also just like podia offers an easy to use checkout process. It asks consumers to first pay and then create an account.

However, unlike podia, it has a one-step checkout process where consumers are asked to fill in the details and pay the money on the same page itself. Also, you can add conversion boosting elements like testimonials,  product assurity, and a money-back guarantee as well. 

Verdict – 

Both of them offer a similar way of checking out with the least difference among them. Thus both of them are more or less the same. I’m the checking out process of their respective platforms. 

Podia vs Teachable: Pros &Cons 



  • A great option for beginners
  • Full control of the students
  • 1 click upsells
  • Get started for free as you get a free trial
  • You can create as many courses as you want. 


  • Charges transaction fees
  • Basic integration skills are whenever required. 
  • Doing live workshops is not possible. 



  • good customer support 
  • free 14 days trial 
  • built-in email marketing 
  • student’s payment option
  • A monthly recurring subscription is available. 


  • Not as many courses
  • third party interference
  • no phone support 
  • no course marketplace 

FAQs on Podia vs Teachable 

👉If I get an account with Podia, do I need a separate email provider or are Podia’s email features enough?

Podia lets you send drip campaigns and one-off newsletters, and you can segment your emails based on which products your subscribers have purchased from you. Best of all, unlike email service providers, with Podia you get unlimited email subscribers, so your price never goes up when your list grows. Of course, if you need super-sophisticated email features like visual automation builders or something like that, you can pay for a separate email provider. The good news is that even if you do that, we have direct integrations with MailChimp, Drip, Active Campaign, and ConvertKit so you can track your Podia sales in your platform of choice.

👉 Will my course end after a specific time period or never ends in teachable?

Teachable provides an amazing solution for many students. Many students find it difficult to complete a course in a given time due to main reasons and to tackle this teachable is providing never-ending online courses and students can access them whenever they like.

👉How do these platforms integrate with popular auto-responders?

Podia has excellent integration with ConvertKit, MailChimp, Drip, ActiveCampaign, and MailerLite. Teachable lacks in this case and it only integrates with MailChimp, but they have powerful integration features I discussed above in the post

Conclusion: Podia vs Teachable | Who is the Winner?

After discussing the features of both Teachable and PODIA, we got to know that both have their very own pros and cons, good things, and bad just like everything else.

However teachable goes a step ahead for you when you are a person who creates online content and is finding something that can help him create his courses and also tools for it. due to all the customization features it has, it’s graded quizzes certificates, course compliance, and more.

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However, if you want a multi-tasking, a platform with all things in it from buying and selling of digital products to online courses, and a marketing strategy if email which is really strong and stands out of all. Then PODIA is the right place for you. 

I hope you have liked our comparison on Podia vs Teachable and would be eager to try both of them.

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