Top Best Teachable Free Courses In 2021 ( HandPicked )

Want to know about the Teachable Free Courses? Here, I bring you the details of the most famous free Teachable Courses. Unfavorable situations and the environment have come up with the demand for online programs. All this creates a need for a platform for the volunteers who used to teach according to their potential.

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They need their websites or apps but this is not possible for everyone to create one and maintain it. The competitive and comprehensive world demands a lot to survive with your own identity. Teachable is the most conceivable solution to all such problems. It is kind of a superpower to all the volunteers. No doubt, its multitasking aspects let them do their work beautifully in an organized manner. Teachable assists you with the answers you are looking for so far. Teachable simplifies your problems by letting you amplify your ability. It speeds up your workflow and saves your precious time, which you will cash soon.

What is Teachable? 

Teachable is a platform that provides opportunities to bloggers, creators, and educators to create and sell their courses online. Teachable is a boon to its users. Teachable is a customized app to create your courses.

You need the things to be done in your way, have already been done for you by our expert team members. They provide you with the customized screens and videos. Our sole focus is to provide you the ready-made and integrated customized pages according to your requirement.

You enjoy the video conference tools. If you summarize your information in your way, you have to face many difficult awkward things. Your confusion and decision take a lot of time. In a matter of minutes, you can do all you need.

Just join our platform and access what you were planning. Our stress-free platform lets you do things in your way with more creativity. You will get a lot of filters and features to apply. You need not make efforts to create and personalize your content. 


Why Choose Teachable?

Teachable offers you courses with advanced tools. The quality people you meet at Teachable places can blow your mind. You will find your personality entirely different. They will concentrate more on your self-growth and broaden your mind.

This community will surely prove to a change-maker. You can choose several days’ courses that will be running and other important aspects. There is a huge pile of features offered by Teachable that you never find anywhere.

You can check your Desktop Tutorial Videos also. It’s a powerful but merciful-to-use interface. It provides chats and E-Mail support. Our course creators accepted the challenge and created a remarkable app for you all.

All you need to do is, make some clicks, and enter precious information you want to share. You get your site ready with a small effort and step up to expand your business. In addition, teachable facilitates downloading and saving any videos easily. 

How Teachable works?

It is very easy to create an online course in Teachable-

  • First, you need to set up a school that represents your brand name. 
  • Create a course within the school created by you. 
  • Create different modules for your course. 
  • Upload lesson materials for each module.
  • Publish your course or sell it via a teachable sales page. 

After the creation of a school that represents your brand or website you can also link your website to your school using sub-domain.  

How To Access The Courses

 Exemplified Courses help you to access much more knowledge than just education. Unbelievable courses you find here help you a lot in one way or the other. This is open to all. There are some basic steps you need to go through, once you choose your platform on mobile or desktop or laptop, and you can go straight to it. Join hands with Teachable, it offers a lot along with what you opted.

Teachable-Course Acess

  1. First, you need to create a login to my teachable website to get access to your free online course.
  2. After step one, you will receive a mail consisting of a link. Click in that link to start up with the course. 
  3. If there is any difficulty in the verification of course or accessing the course then you are free to contact us. 

Teachable provides you with various free courses that can benefit you in the long-term. It boosts your knowledge and comprehends your learning skills.

1) Motion Design

With the increase in digital technology, animation has taken a massive pace in every field from entertainment to education. Motion design will provide you with all the basics of design and animations.

In a world where everyday people are reaching new heights to technology, we are here to let you a glimpse of how you take a step ahead to reach there. Motion design will include all the tutorials videos and basics concepts giving the full overview of what it is. This program will also help you to learn to use Illustrator and Adobe Effects.

It is the best course for those who are engaged in learning and exploring new things in their everyday life.  

2) Skin Tone, Creating Flesh with Paint

As the name suggests this course provides you with the undiscovered joy with the colors. This is the best course for people who love to add beautiful colors to their life. Besides, this course offers you to know the secrets of the artist and learn how to create an illusion with paint. 

Artist Kimberly Brooks will guide you on how to unlock the beauty and make something alive out of it. This short-term program can be best fitted to you if you would take it as an opportunity to learn something new. 

Not far are the days when you realize the need for fulfilling your desires and lets you boost your power you just opened. This course will furnish all the techniques and help you with the new ways to use this. 

3) How to transition: How to become a product manager and founder 

The Discovery of finding yourself is always endless and the same as exploring the world but still left with some things. These short-term courses provide you with the best opportunity to improve you as a whole. 

This course will not only help you to know your potential but also discover the way to become a founder and product manager. Though this is a short term course, it still provides you with the valuable insights that YouTube videos and others failed to provide. Each day, you spend some quality time to improve yourself and increase your productivity and future.

Knowledge is a powerful tool and carving for the right source to gain ample is crucial. The mentor has gained the best experience and countless hours in mentoring many entrepreneurs. 

4) Buddhist Meditation

Buddhist meditation is a powerful weapon to get relief from the outside world and to know your inner self. This beautiful course is taught by Susan Piver, the author of ‘bestselling New York Times’ and meditation teacher. She has simplified the techniques that will help you to meditate and cultivate clear, calm, and clarity ahead in your life. This will assist you with better stress management and strengthens your mind, soul, and body. Meditation is a perfect antidote for all your daily troubles. It also helps to improve your memory, calm your senses, and make you feel free.

This short course includes day-to-day videos of 45 minutes you can schedule according to your preferences. Video lessons can be accessed anytime, as they are available 24×7. 

5) How to write a nonfiction book

Stuck at home during these tough times. Still, many productive activities assist you in managing your time to its best. This course offers you the best way to get hold of writing and encourage you to write your book. This course will build up your vocabulary and help in learning new strategies. Through this course, you will be able to carve deeper into the ocean of knowledge. 

Tucker Max helps you to gain mastery and assist you in publishing your book. Moreover, this course includes HD videos, and assignments, if done effectively can lead you to success.

6) Want to learn how to become a data scientist?

The short term program will help you to assist in getting additions and subtractions in your brain depending on how you take it. This will help you in investigating the treasured data and explore you to the real world. This professional course will assist you to know the critics and skills required for pursuing data science as a career.

This course will build your basics and powerful career. Though data analytics requires a lot of knowledge, a mentor tried to make it easy for you to understand it with step by step videos, effective learning and practice it every day will turn you out to be one of the professionals.

7) Enter into a video game industry?

Played many games during this pandemic and want to make a career in making more interesting games. This course is for you and will aid you with excellency, knowledge over the proven tactics and strategies. Well, it is not specific only to programmers, developers, etc it depends on how much interest you take to learn the things.

This course will provide you with all the basics of building up your resume to LinkedIn profile. This can turn out to be a great opportunity for anyone. However, if we come up with the statistics more than half of the population played video games whether popular or not. 

Paying is the satisfactory activity that one can do but developing it can prove it best. New challenges and experiences are on your way to deciding what you want to choose and settle yourself with. 

8) Podcast like a pro

Everyday spending many hours googling the topics and knowledge stuff, reading blogs can be a bit time-consuming? Isn’t it interesting if you’re able to listen to the same stuff again in a repetitive mode without getting bored? This course will provide you with all the resources and knowledge of how to launch your podcast.

This will allow you to build up the brand and meets its requirements in a very innovative way. Well, the podcast does include many precious things that need to be known like, how to get the audience connected to your podcast, how it makes it knowledge, etc. This course will assist you to grow, launch, and build incredible podcast for your business.

9) Small business survival guide

Are you struggling to navigate your business on the right path? Well, this pandemic brings us into the digital world where from meeting to set up a business is online. With the rise in the number of businesses, it becomes necessary to get access to all the social platforms effectively to promote your business and make it worthy.

This course is for 30 days and will help you to know how to stay mentally, financially, emotionally strong, and handle all the business ethics. How to take care of your team members and involving them in decisions is valuable.  

This also meets up to the customer’s requirements, understanding the right audience, and growth of your business.

10) Calligraphy course

This pandemic has given us an opportunity overlooked by many people. It helps us in analyzing the potential, power, capability, and knowledge we possess. It brings a positive change in your life and willingness to act and think differently. However, it seems easy to do calligraphy using different pens, inks, etc. but, there is a dire need to get knowledge about basic strokes or drills. 

Googling out for strokes and calligraphy is more frustrating for a person. This course will provide you with all the basic knowledge that one needs before get tangled in between. 

Pros & Cons

Pros –

  1. Teachable provides a platform to connect with a massive community of people. From a Ph.D. to a student, you will meet everyone here.
  2. You can share and boost your knowledge. You learn to create a strong bond with students without actually meeting with them.
  3. You get several opportunities to discover and explore new experiences.
  4. The best you get is that you are taught to better your relations and become more connected around you.
  5. It helps to broaden your minds. New ideas line up in a queue.
  6. Teach you to create a love for learning and tackle real-world problems that our literacy system lacks.
  7. You can share your experience and memories.
  8. You are the change-maker of the future. The pattern followed is designed on the latest demands.
  9. It is the best option for those, who are looking to engage without sacrificing their precious time.
  10. It is always appreciable, as it has helped many people.
  11. It focuses on awareness about modern demands.

Cons –

  1. Less social interaction- Since there is no physical interaction amongst students and teachers it becomes difficult to clear doubts immediately. 
  2. Students may lose their attention in between the video, as there is no one to keep an eye on them. 
  3. Mentors need to be very specific to their topics while teaching through videos if they won’t, there might be chances whether the video will become too long or boring or children may not be able to concentrate for too long. 
  4. Lack of motivation and competitive sincerity among the students.

Teachable Alternatives 


While the best component of Teachable is the simple taking care of and upkeep, LearnWorlds is at standard with Teachable in regards to the simple to utilize highlight. This stage ends up being a dependent one for those conveying their courses viably.

You can without much of a stretch make your course and convey them to the understudies in need hence bringing in cash as well.

The issue about white naming is settled in LearnWorlds as there this stage is totally white-marked. This stage assists you with making your virtual study hall offering an incredible encounter to your understudies.

LearnWorld Overview- Teachable Alternatives

Highlights of LearnWorlds

  • Coordinated video and intuitive Ebooks for expanded intuitiveness.
  • Testament issuance on course finishing
  • Backing from SCORM and HTML5
  • Tests, tasks according to required
  • Report and examination of understudies’ exercises
  • Solid page developer
  • Portable application


Thinkific is another all rounder stage that gives answers for the significant issues looked by Teachable. This is a simple stage that permits you to make amazing substance and tweak it by adding a few sight and sound.

Thusly, you can convey quality substance to the audience members.

Very much like in Teachable, this stage additionally considers the formation of participation destinations. Comparative highlights like intelligent talks and tests are given by Thinkific.

Thinkfic Overview- Best Alternative to Teachable

Highlights of Thinkific

  • Offshoot advertising
  • Described introductions
  • The inbuilt component for overviews
  • Making enrollment destinations
  • Straightforward UI/UX


Kajabi is another stage on the rundown which is loaded with all-rounder highlights. Like different stages, you need to change to make your substance, sell, and bring in cash through facilitating a few courses.This is to a greater extent a showcasing stage against the course stage. Generally liked for supports by significant ventures.

Kajabi Overview- Best Teachable Alternatives

Highlights of Kajabi

  • Hindering the purchase button with the goal that watchers can see your deals for long
  • Lingerie the opening of the substance utilizing trickle feed highlight
  • A few beneficial highlights
  • Programmed developer of the page

FAQs On Teachable Free Courses

🤷‍♀️Can we do 3-4 courses on Teachable together?

Yes, you can do three to four courses together. As the time of the courses is, short and you can download and save the video for later use. However, it would be suggested to complete the first course and then go for another.

🙋‍♂️If the course started, is it necessary to complete that at that time only?

No, it is not compulsory to attend the lectures and videos at a time when you started the course. You can reschedule it any time or can see the videos and lectures at the time when you are ready to listen. The courses are available 24 hours 7 days a week.

☞Does Teachable require and specific tools to take online learning?

Not as such, you only need to keep your chrome, browser up-to-date. Our online courses easily access laptops, tabs, or mobile devices. Besides, you need to ensure your internet connectivity.

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Conclusion: Is Taking Free Courses Of Teachable Worth Your Time?

We have tried our best to provide you with the courses that build up relevant skills in you. By videos, peer testimonials, lectures, discussion, and downloading and saving options. Whether you are looking for a career to start or want to develop a skill Teachable will assist you with it. Transform your personality today and engage in the learning experience.

We only want our readers, customers to develop some skills that will help them in their walk of life. In today’s era education is not bound to the community or money holders. It has been blessed to everyone. Teachable is always ready to serve you. We recommend you to try at least free Teachable courses for once. You feel fortunate to have it. 

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Stay tuned for information that is more valuable.

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hether you are looking for a career to start or want to develop a skill Teachable will assist you with it. Transform your personality today and engage in the learning experience.


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