Teachable Pricing Plans 2021: Free vs Basic vs Pro vs Business Plan | Which One Is Right For You?

Teachable Pricing Plans
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Want to know in detail about the Teachable Pricing Plans?

Here, I bring you the detailed pricing of Teachable with the advantages and disadvantages of each plan. It will give you a fair idea about the Teachable pricing and you will be able to select the best plan according to your convenience. 

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Teaching has become an important and trending profession with time and seeing the current scenario e-teaching with the help of live training and courses is and will be increasing at a tremendous rate in the coming years.

Everyone has some of the other talent which they want to speak about so that others can be inspired. But the real question that everyone asks is How do I do it?

I am not a professional teacher.

Well with the current digital world where everything is available digitally now, there are many agencies who provide you with all the equipment which you need for making an online course. One of the best tools for this is Teachable. Let’s discuss the tool in detail.

Teachable Pricing Plans: Free Vs Paid Plans Comparison

Teachable is a type of learning management system (LMS) and an all-in-one tool that helps you to create superior quality courses and sell them at the same time to your target audience.

Teachable pricing-Overview

With teachable, you only need to have the domain knowledge and teachable will take care of your web hosting requirements as well as checkout processes when a person buys a course.

You only need to deliver you quality knowledge to the people waiting to learn.

Some Unique Features

teachable features- teachable pricing plans

Domain linking

Already have a teaching website? No problem, you can link your existing domain with teachable and we can take care of the rest.


You can track every detail pertaining to your courses like the number of people who bought your course, the place where they are from, the devices they used to buy your course, and many more.

Are you a big player in the domain and have a team of teachers?

Teachable will provide a safe way to get them to access you’re your dashboard and you can start your business in a more professional way.

No limit to features

With an all-out paid plan, you will have access to unlimited bandwidth and you can publish/make any number of courses with no limit to the enrolment you generate.

Online customer care

When you sell a course, the enrolled students will ask you for doubts. With Teachable you can have group discussions and video calls online to explain your students better.

Handling huge team

Handling a huge team with multiple courses coming out every week could be a tough job. In order to promote your content and make sure that none of them is left and is promoted in an optimized way, makes a calendar with Teachable, and make sure you are on schedule.

Let’s check out the Teachable plans and pricing In detail now.

Teachable Plans & Pricing (Monthly & Yearly Plans):

Teachable Monthy Plans are: 

Teachable monthly plans- teachable pricing

Teachable Yearly Plans are:  Teachable yearly plans

1). Free Plan

The free plan comes with a basic set of features and is a good option for you if you are just starting to make an online course and exploring your options for tools.

  • No limit to hosting service

You can host an unlimited number of websites, pages, and domains and get unlimited bandwidth as well as storage with the free plan.

  • No limit to the number of courses

Even being a free plan, the number of courses you can make and sell has no limit.

  • No limit to student enrollment

Teachable does not limit the number of students enrolling in your course although the plan is free.

  • No limit to bandwidth usage

Create unlimited videos of any duration and make a great course to sell. Teachable will never restrict your bandwidth usage in paid as well as a free plan.

Discussion forums

A discussion forum resembles the offline notice/bulletin board. You can leave important notes and messages related to the course there and the students can easily download and view the same.

The students can also message on the discussion forum in case of doubts or new studies being discovered. It could be used as a platform for exchanging various thoughts and techniques on different topics in your course.

This helps bring engagement to your courses and builds trust among already enrolled students and motivates then to take your next course as well.

Basic quizzes

Every student wants to test their knowledge in practice. If you will create a course with just module after module. No one would be interested in watching the course till the end.

With teachable, you can create a quiz and put them in between the module and let your students test their knowledge.

Page Linkage

Link your landing page with the payment and thank you page and make the transition smooth and attractive with the help of Teachable in the paid and free both plans.

Advantages of Free plan

  • With the free plan, you could get used to the Teachable interface and decide whether or not the platform is suitable for you.
  • All the basic requirements come with the free plan but the main advantage of being unlimited hosting, storage, videos, and enrollment.
  • It provides most features in its free plan when compared to its competitors, so the tool is perfect if you are just starting in the teaching domain.

Disadvantages of Free Plan

A solitary downside yet a significant one in the commission methodology they use when you pick to begin with a free arrangement. The sum which Teachable assumes the premise of commission is $1 and an extra 10 per cent of the all-out cost of the course. 

In any case, on the off chance that you are anticipating selling more courses and you are certain that the enlistment will be colossal.

It is legitimately right to change to a paid arrangement instead of free in light of the fact that the commission would be immense when contrasted with the month to month/yearly expense Teachable charges for its paid plans.

2). Basic Plan

Teachable basic pricing- teachable pricing plans


The annual billing of the Basic plan provided by Teachable is $29.

All the features of the free version are included in the basic plan along with many other upgrades.

Main Features:

Commission fee

A dollar and 10 percent of the course price commission strategy for a free plan is modified to a dollar and 5 percent in the basic plan, giving you more earning and Teachable less commission.

Best Plan 

As the plan allows you to have access to 2-admin-level users which can be owners or authors or one owner and one author, according to your liking. Making courses with a partner will simply double the revenue generation.

Training and support

Teachable provides you with product support and training on how to create an online course from the scratch tutorial which is very helpful. The training is updated regularly and is a vital and most recommended feature of the plan.

Custom domain initiation

As soon as you log into the Teachable tool, you will have to create a school with a custom domain or import your existing website on a particular domain.

Sometimes these processes could complicate and lead to errors that might affect your sales tremendously.

Getting the help from Teachable technicians during the process has been proved to be a very good feature the basic teachable pricing plan provides to their customers.

Coupon Codes

You have put your courses online and want to keep a sale or use a promo code for those courses. The basic teachable pricing plan has got it covered.

With this plan, you can apply numerous coupon offers on your courses to boost your sales and increase your revenue generation.

Drip feeding your courses

Giving a one-time course to some people might be overwhelming sometimes and if the course is huge and theoretical, people enrolled might tend to skip some videos, and misses also misses on the main points sometimes.

On the off chance, when you provide them the course content in parts, they will have a limited amount of tasks to learn and complete until your next video lecture is on air with Teachable.

This process is called drip feeding, which helps your enrolled students engrossed on a regular basis.

Affiliate courses

Apart from the courses you provide to your target audience, it is always a good idea to sell courses of several different websites/individuals on your website for which you are paid on a commission basis. This is called affiliate marketing.

You can reach out to sites like Udemy and apply for the affiliate program and start selling their course. Once someone gets enrolled in the Udemy course through your website/referral code, you will be paid a certain percentage of the total course price as a commission. With a basic teachable pricing plan, affiliate marketing is possible.

Email Marketing

With the basic Teachable pricing plan, you get the power of email marketing. When a person visits your website, adds a course in the cart but does not check out for some reason, these are termed as potential leads.

You can target these leads via emailing them and reminding them about the course they added into the cart but forgot to buy.

Third-Party Link Generation

There are various third-party integrations available to link to. These integrations will help you in security, boosting your traffic, beautifying your website, and SEO as well.

Advantage of Basic Teachable pricing plan 

With just $29 you get a whole lot of features to explore and optimize your page.

When compared to the free plan, the basic plan has a lot of features which will help you in boosting your sales and revenue as well as bring quality traffic to your website. You can even retarget the lost/neutral audience.

3). Professional Plan

Cost $99 charged yearly. 

Teachable pro plan pricing

Main Features:

Exchange Expense

At the point when you choose a free or a basic plan, you should pay an exchange charge to Teachable which will be deducted from your course salary when an individual purchases the course.

This is the expense you should pay over the commission methodology which Teachable has. Be that as it may, with a professional teachable pricing plan, you have no exchange expense.

At the point when an individual purchases your course and pays for it, in the event that you have a free or basic plan you have to wait for 24 hours to get your installment of that specific course.

In any case, with a professional teachable pricing plan, you will get that cash in a split second.

Teaching as a group

The plan is the best choice if you are teaching as a group. As the plan allows you to have 5 admins on the same plan which can be a mix of owners and authors according to your liking. 

Domain on the teachable school

No need to worry about setting up your domain on the teachable school. If you opt for the professional teachable pricing plan, the technicians will give you a readymade school.

Teachable Page Builder- Teachable plans

All you need to do is provide them with the domain name or the website you want to import on teachable.

Graded Quizzes

Want your students to be graded? A professional teachable pricing plan provides you with a unique and high demand opportunity if testing your enrolled students with graded quizzes.

Once a student passed or scores above the cut-off percentage selected by you, only then they will be able to move to the next section of your course.



Want to decorate your school page in the Teachable dashboard? No problem at all, with the Teachable custom themes you can beautify and make your page more effective.

You could also embed various shortcodes of much third-party integration.


Like google analytics, Teachable provides you with various reports on your enrollment and students’ demography.

With a professional teachable pricing plan, you can have extensive and in-depth analytics to get a better understanding of your target audience.

4). Business Plan

teachable business pricing plans

In the event that you are planning a full-time business as internet instructing and have security cash to contribute. At that point business, a workable evaluating plan is an unquestionable requirement.

It will give all the highlights that Teachable can give and you would ever need for making a web-based instructing site.


  • You can have up to 100-administrators on one workable record and accommodate your, entire group, on a single account
  • You can select mass enlistment where an association can demand a bulk enrollment on one id and you can give them at a decided price.
  • Aside from these highlights, you get all the features that are given by the free, basic, and professional plans.

Free VS Paid plan: Why Are Paid Plans Better?

  • In the free arrangement as a reference, you need to pay an overwhelming commission expense then again separated from the basic arrangement you have no commission to pay to Teachable, notwithstanding this the exchange charge when somebody buys your course is additionally not be paid for professional and business plans.
  • Opting for a free plan will have limited usability as you can only have 1 admin so you cannot let any other partner make courses and sell. Whereas, If you opt for the professional plan you will have 5 admins and the business plan will give you a whooping limit of 100 admins which will cover your, whole group.
  • With exclusive themes that come with paid plans, you can make your site look professional.

Advantages of Teachable

  • High-level client assistance is accessible throughout the day all hours. The service can be availed in a free plan as well. They have their client care arrangement through calls, emails, and visits also.
  • Profoundly easy to use interface and the experts realize the answer for each potential issue you face. 
  • The production of an online course and posting is extremely simple.

Disadvantage of Teachable

  • There are times when the site crashes every so often, because of over-overload of either courses or clients which hampers the deals. 
  • Sign in the system could be somewhat dubious.

Teachable Customer Reviews & Testimonials:

Here is what customers have to say about Teachable courses and platform.


“Ninety-five percent of my income comes from online courses. They are literally the perfect product. They’re scalable, fun to make, and you help a lot of people. I don’t normally get obsessed with tech. But I am obsessed with Teachable.” – Mariah Coz : Marketing for Course Creators


“An online course model has given us a unique kind of flexibility…the marginal cost per student is quite small, allowing us to scale a lot quicker than if we were doing, say, in-person training, or some other kind of high-touch industry service.” – Alan Perlman : Drone Pilot Ground School


“What really has clinched it for me, why I chose Teachable, and why I love it and will continue to do my online courses with Teachable, is the great support that they have.” – Julia Stoian : Live. Write. Thrive

Teachable Alternatives 


While the best component of Teachable is the simple taking care of and upkeep, LearnWorlds is at standard with Teachable in regards to the simple to utilize highlight. This stage ends up being a dependent one for those conveying their courses viably.

You can without much of a stretch make your course and convey them to the understudies in need hence bringing in cash as well.

The issue about white naming is settled in LearnWorlds as there this stage is totally white-marked. This stage assists you with making your virtual study hall offering an incredible encounter to your understudies.

LearnWorld Overview- Teachable Alternatives

Highlights of LearnWorlds

  • Coordinated video and intuitive Ebooks for expanded intuitiveness.
  • Testament issuance on course finishing
  • Backing from SCORM and HTML5
  • Tests, tasks according to required
  • Report and examination of understudies’ exercises
  • Solid page developer
  • Portable application


Thinkific is another all rounder stage that gives answers for the significant issues looked by Teachable. This is a simple stage that permits you to make amazing substance and tweak it by adding a few sight and sound.

Thusly, you can convey quality substance to the audience members.

Very much like in Teachable, this stage additionally considers the formation of participation destinations. Comparative highlights like intelligent talks and tests are given by Thinkific.

Thinkfic Overview- Best Alternative to Teachable

Highlights of Thinkific

  • Offshoot advertising
  • Described introductions
  • The inbuilt component for overviews
  • Making enrollment destinations
  • Straightforward UI/UX


Kajabi is another stage on the rundown which is loaded with all-rounder highlights. Like different stages, you need to change to make your substance, sell, and bring in cash through facilitating a few courses.This is to a greater extent a showcasing stage against the course stage. Generally liked for supports by significant ventures.

Kajabi Overview- Best Teachable Alternatives

Highlights of Kajabi

  • Hindering the purchase button with the goal that watchers can see your deals for long
  • Lingerie the opening of the substance utilizing trickle feed highlight
  • A few beneficial highlights
  • Programmed developer of the page

FAQs On Teachable Pricing Plans

✅ Can I use Teachable for free?

Yes. Teachable offers a 14-day free trial.

🎉 How much does teachable cost?

Teachable offers three different plans; Basic ($39/mo), Pro ($119/mo) and Business Plan ($299/mo)

🥇 What other online course platforms should I consider?

Comparing the pricing plans, you can also consider Thikific that offers the same features and great site design at the same pricing.

⚡ Are there any other tools similar to Teachable?

There are several tools which are an alternative to Teachable like Thinkific, Zenler, Zippy Courses are some good ones. But the quality and features which teachable provide are far more dominant than its competitors.

💼 What is the procedure to have monthly billing on Teachable?

All the rates mentioned are monthly but are billed annually. So, there is no monthly billing as of now with Teachable.

🔥 How is the customer service of Teachable?

The customer service is one of the best features of Teachable. High-level client assistance is accessible throughout the day all hours. The service can be availed in a free plan as well. They have their client care arrangement through calls, email, and visit also.

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Conclusion: Teachable Pricing Plans in 2021 | Which One Should You Choose?

Essentially having an online site page with a course would not help you much. You must have an LMS. Workable has a wide scope of plans from allowed to business.

If you are essentially starting Teachable, they underscore you, in the first place, their free course of action and research and become familiar with the interface.

I think Teachable plans gives a couple of focal points over its opponents and has unmatched features that help you with making your courses amazing as to quality.

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  1. I’ve been using Teachable pro for a time now and it has been a great time. My number one thing about Teachable is it ‘simply works’ out of the container. A large portion of its usefulness is natural and it doesn’t attempt to add 1,000,000 highlights that the vast majority will not utilize. It’s a product apparatus that understands what it is and who it’s for. It makes it extremely simple to make a gorgeous site and get a course available to be purchased. Anybody can begin and have the option to do the greater part of what they should have the option to do to make a productive online course business without any problem.

  2. Teachable is a straightforward, solid platform. The interface is clean, and your learners will have no trouble accessing and navigating your courses. In my opinion, its strength is with video-driven content.
    And, Teachable also shines when it comes to simple tools that help to support selling courses – like, for example, it’s customizable sales, checkout, and thank you pages.


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