The Rise Of Online Learning And Its Impact On Children’s Overall Development 2022

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“Education is ineffective unless it assists a youngster in opening up to life.”

In the twenty-first century, what Maria Montessori said is even more relevant, because scholastic supremacy is no longer sufficient to ensure success and happiness in life and work. In this article, I have shared “The Rise Of Online Learning And Its Impact On Children’s Overall Development”.

Education, beginning at a young age, is more important today than it was a century ago for holistic development.

Holistic learning is a relatively new approach to education in which the educator strives to address the learner’s physiological, interpersonal, aesthetic, intellectual, ethical, cognitive, and religious needs in addition to his or her intellectual requirements.

It is based on the notion that developing connections with their local community and the natural world may help learners identify their identity and purpose in life, as well as impart universal human values like empathy, inclusivity, integrity, and respect.

The quick surge of pandemic & online learning has changed the core of the usual learning ecology in some ways, and a school atmosphere is constructed based on these views.

The Rise Of Online Learning And Its Impact On Children's Overall Development

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The Rise Of Online Learning And Its Impact On Children’s Overall Development

Online education is on the rise

With the advent of COVID-19 and the accompanying quarantine, online education has now become the norm for continuing education in the event of a disaster.

Students from various classes, faiths, castes, races, and ethnicities engage, communicate, and participate in an online class, increasing awareness and fostering a sense of community among students from various backgrounds.

With the availability of customizable content, endless online learning resources, and the freedom to discuss and sort any query one-on-one with the mentor, online learning meets the unique needs of individual learners even without a physical connection.

Texts, pictures, videos, lessons, and multimedia content all play a role in keeping learners engaged and interested in the online learning environment.


It is extremely valuable for teachers and saves time due to the advanced capabilities of online tests, assessment, report generating, and easy access to classes and resources.

It also allows parents and teachers to form a stronger bond by involving parents or guardians more fully in online classes because they take place at home.

People are finding it incredibly useful to select for upskilling courses, certificates, and online tutions from the comfort of their own homes, not just schools, colleges, and institutions.

Aside from the obvious benefits of online learning, accessibility to high-quality learning and education is also a crucial consideration.

Obstacles to online learning

Unfortunately, several issues, notably in India, obstruct online education. In many sections of the country, there is a lack of equitable access to a computer or smartphone, as well as high-speed internet connectivity.

Because it is a relatively new medium, not all students may feel comfortable learning online. Apart from that, many children find it difficult to concentrate on online lessons due to the numerous distractions available on their devices and at home.

high speed internet

Children are also affected by the lack of a regular routine planned for a child’s holistic development, which includes a combination of academics, athletics, cognitive, communication, and personality development. If not skillfully prepared, online classes might become tedious.

Children miss out on the collaborative skills they gain in the classroom because they are not in the company of their classmates and are attending the sessions online. Now that classes have resumed, both schools and parents are eager to begin the school year over.

While the obstacles do not immediately obstruct the transmission of holistic knowledge, they must be solved in order to conduct online education in a cost-effective and generally accepted manner.

It is necessary to implement a hybrid learning framework that combines classroom and online learning for children’s safe and holistic growth.

Classroom learning aids in the development of social skills, collaborative learning, interactions, and other factors, while online learning aids in efficiently reinforcing the learning.

Only when the issues are solved and a hybrid strategy is used will we be able to incorporate extensive learning components.

Students’ perspectives on online learning

Online learning has aided students in becoming self-sufficient learners before they join the real world.

real world learning

Students had the opportunity to explore new learning tools and platforms, diverse content with video references, practical tools and experiments, activities, and expanded access to online learning material during the session, all of which helped them develop new skills and capacities and accelerate their growth trajectory.

Students have reacted enthusiastically to the dynamic learning environment that teachers have created online, while some need a little nudge here and there.

The future appears to be promising

Education technology systems are currently revolutionizing the Indian education business by democratizing excellent education by providing low-cost online classes and courses.

Indeed, similar projects have proved that online learning is just as helpful as traditional learning from an academic aspect.

Fortunately, as online learning refines itself to meet the ever-changing expectations of students around the world, holistic components will eventually be added.

Data and folders may now be organized and preserved without causing any physical damage because to digital learning. Students can access their notebooks and assignments with a single click, reducing the chance of them being misplaced or spoiled.

Technology-assisted learning is beneficial and has been proved to be more engaging because it helps to make things that students generally find uninteresting more dynamic and intriguing. Learners’ entire development is obviously aided by online education from an early age.

As a result, the education technology business is growing and has a promising future.

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