Top 10 Learning Management System APIs 2022

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In this article, we detail the top 10 learning management system APIs.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have progressed from simply keeping track of students and distributing course materials to providing fully functional physical and virtual classroom tools that include personalized learning, performance analytics, school operations, mobile e-learning, and even social and collaborative networks.

Developers that want to construct or improve LMS applications will require the right APIs to do so.

What is the difference between a Learning Management System API and a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management Systems API is a programming interface that allows developers to communicate with Learning Management Systems programmatically and integrate their services into their own applications.

Top 10 Learning Management System APIs

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Top 10 Learning Management System APIs

1. Blackboard API

Blackboard Learn is a tool that allows educators in K-12, higher education, government, and business to engage with students on their preferred devices.

blackboard api

Developers can use the Blackboard Learn API to manage announcements, courses, content, course memberships, course grades, and data sources, among other things. It enables users to create course content, have discussions, issues customized notifications, and measure learners’ progress using analytics.

2. Moodle API

Moodle is a free, open-source learning management system (LMS) that was created with social constructionist theories in mind. This modular PHP system, which strives to tailor learning settings, can benefit both educators and students.

Access, Data Manipulation, and Navigation, as well as Calendar, Enrollment, Media, and many more services, are all available through the Moodle Core API.

3. Instructure Canvas

Canvas is an open-source learning management system by Instructure (LMS). Canvas allows instructors to grade papers, administer online tests, connect with students, and alter learning content.

Developers can use the Canvas API to access and integrate Canvas capabilities into other services and apps. Creating, changing, and accessing account information, adding and enrolling students, adding and editing courses, and adding and editing assignments are all examples of API methods.

4. Open EdX API

EdX offers Open EdX, an educational classroom platform for universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher learning. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), smaller classes, and training modules are all hosted on the Open edX platform.

The Open EdX User API allows you to see and alter account and preference information, the Open EdX Courses REST API allows you to get information about edX MOOC courses, and the Open EdX Enrollment API allows you to examine user and course enrollment information as well as enroll a user in a course.

5. BrainCert API

The BrainCert education platform includes tools for online learning and teaching. Developers can use the BrainCert Virtual Classroom API to organize and conduct live classes, record sessions, perform video conferences, host group chats, and share desktops, among other things.


Developers can use the BrainCert Whiteboard API to incorporate a Flash-based Interactive Whiteboard on their websites. A drawing tool, highlighter, text editor, LaTeX math equations, Wolfram Alpha outputs, snapshot saving, and more are all included in the whiteboard.

6. Docebo API

Docebo is an eLearning portal that provides professional and corporate educational content. Customers can use Docebo to work on their course materials online and track their progress.

With endpoints for courses, users, enrollments, groups, and more, the Docebo API allows developers to integrate its services with their applications.

7. SkyPrep API

Educators and other training professionals can use SkyPrep’s LMS for online training. Users can use the SkyPrep API to do the most frequent tasks in SkyPrep, such as creating, reading, updating, and deleting users, groups, courses, and enrollments.

8. Finalsite API

Finalsite is a web design, content management system, and digital marketing platform for schools. The Finalsite API is a RESTful web service that allows you to access data in the Finalsite CMS. For more information, developers should contact the provider.

9. LearnCube API

LearnCube is a learning management system that includes virtual classrooms, virtual schools, eCourses, assessments, and CRM administration, among other features.


The LearnCube Virtual Classroom API is a REST-based API that merges online teaching and learning elements.

10. iQualify API

iQualify is a courseware authoring and delivery solution that combines learning management and courseware creation. The iQualify API provides a learner-centered education platform with interactive and social learning elements, as well as assessment management and feedback support.

For creating learning experiences, the API delivers management and analytics replies. Free and monthly payment plans are available from iQualify.

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