Udemy vs Teachable 2021: Which One Is Best For You & Why?

Confused between Udemy and Teachable? Want to know which one to select? Selling online courses is one of the most lucrative ways to make a passive income in 2020. Lately, their demand has increased tenfold and most online course sellers have turned it into their full-time career. The advent of online courses started a decade ago, but their popularity has taken a surge in recent times. If you have an idea that people want to learn, then do not hesitate to teach it online. 

The cyber-world is full of people looking to learn something new every time. Not only would you be providing a valuable service to the online community, but also you would be making a killing. Here, we will talk about two online-course markets to help you achieve success in the digital world: Udemy & Teachable. Even though both of them provide the same service, their methodology differs vastly. A lot of people make the mistake of choosing the wrong option & then curse their luck. Udemy & Teachable are two giants in the marketplace & knowing deeply about them would help you immensely. So without much ado, let’s take a dive & try to figure out the choice that is perfect for you. 

Bottom Lines:

In this article I will discuss Udemy and Teachable, its course creating services, their nature, and functioning. I will also share the key features and cover details that most of you are not aware of, such as features and price. We also compare the tools which makes them identical and what makes them different. This in-depth comparison session explains why you use a specific platform instead of others.

Udemy vs Teachable 2021: The Best Place to Sell your Online Courses

Udemy vs Teachable: Basic Overview

Udemy & Teachable are both online course markets where you can sell your teachings. As the saying goes “when there is a gold rush, sell shovels”. Inhabitants of the cyber world are keen to find a way to earn by being online. There would be no shortage of takers if you offer a way to monetize their time on the internet. With a little help from Udemy & Teachable, you could be the next biggest online guru.  

Udemy: Overview

It is impossible not to talk about Udemy when the subject is online courses. Such has been the popularity of this online platform. Udemy was founded a decade ago in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and was aimed at young professionals & students. Udemy has risen into a giant and holds a monopoly over online learning platforms. With over 60000 instructors presenting to over 50 million students in 65 languages, it’s not hard to see why. 


Most of the courses available in Udemy falls under technology or personal development. Even though users can upload PDFs, audio files, presentations, or compressed files, the video files are the most popular. Udemy is also available as an app for iOS and Android users. 

Teachable: Overview

Founded in New York half a decade ago, Teachable is an innovative online learning platform. What sets Teachable apart is that they allow you to sell online courses with your brand. This is done by enabling you to build your course website & have an independent following. Teachable boasts of having over 100,000 instructors who have sold courses worth $500 million. 


Unlike something like WordPress, Teachable consists of all core features packed into a single platform. This makes Teachable easy for any non-techie without any coding knowledge to set it up. Teachable is also available as an app for iOS and Android users.

We have already given In depth review about Teachable. To know more about it click here.

Udemy vs Teachable: Ease-of-use

Udemy is one of the easiest online platforms to use. You just have to upload your courses and then forget about the rest. Apart from being simple to upload, they also actively promote your courses. There are 4 simple steps to find success in selling courses in Udemy:

  • Course planning – Create an outline of the course you are passionate about through Google Docs, MS office, or other similar files. Udemy even has courses on how to build your own courses. 
  • Video recording – Recording a video for a course is a sure-fire way to success. All you need is a camera device & a mic to start recording. You can also use screen-recording software like Screencast to record a course.
  • Build a following – The final step is to be more interactive with your students. This can be done through quizzes & assignments to create a wholesome experience. Udemy will provide you with all the tools to make your courses more engaging.
  • Get paid You will be paid every time your course is purchased. Payment will be delivered monthly through PayPal or Payoneer according to your preference.

Teachable is relatively easy to use considering all the features that they provide. You can set up the Teachable course in their sub-domain or integrate it into your own website or blog. There are plenty of articles available in their blog to take you through the process step by step. There are 4 main steps to create your course in Teachable:

  • Creating a course homepage – This is the landing page that bridges potential students to your courses. You can turn this into a course page on your own website or blog. You can use this homepage as your main website if you don’t have one on your own.
  • Uploading course content – Teachable lets you upload courses as videos, images, audios, or PDF files. This process is pretty straight forward & you can edit it to make it look any way you want.  
  • Creating a sales page – A sales page is the most important web page from a business point of view. This is where you convert views into sales. Teachable comes with a default sales page template to help you create an effective sales page. 
  • Get paid – Teachable provides 2 options to get paid: Teachable Payments & monthly payment gateways. 

Verdict #1: Teachable makes it as easy as possible to use it considering the vast amount of control you have over it. However, Udemy wins this round by being far more simple and straight-forward. 

Udemy vs Teachable: Key Features & Benefits

Unique Features: Udemy vs Teachable


  • Customer reach: Udemy does marketing for you. With students from over 195 countries, you can be assured of a truly global outreach.
  • Opt-in promotions: Udemy runs special campaigns to attract new clients to your courses.
  • Technical support: Udemy is responsible for any issues your students may face. And all their services are completely free for instructors. 
  • Sell in an established market: Udemy has a vast client base with over 50 million students.   


  • Customizable domain: Build and integrate a course page on your own website or blog using Teachable.
  • Sales page templates: Create a sales page with templates from Teachable. The templates can be modified according to you. Your conversion rates will depend on the effectiveness of your sales pages.
  • Low or no transaction charges: Transaction costs can create a dent in your wallet if you have a huge student following. But you won’t have to worry about that in Teachable.  
  • Access your student data: Utilize your student data like emails, phone numbers, etc. to market your future courses.

Similar Features: Udemy vs Teachable

Course content type-

Couse content can be anything & can be uploaded as videos, PDFs, audio files, infographics, and Google Docs. Both Udemy & Teachable are very flexible when it comes to this. Although it is advised to upload as videos if you want more revenue from Udemy.

Course access-

Courses are accessible on all internet using devices. You won’t have to worry about missing out on any particular device market. Both Udemy & Teachable comes with iOS & Android apps.


You can attract more students to your courses by providing them with certification. Teachable will let you provide course completion certificates only if you are subscribed to Pro or Business plan. Whereas, Udemy will provide all your students with a course completion certificate. 

Verdict #2: This a hard-fought round. But Teachable clinches this bout by providing features that will let you have more control over your products.

Udemy vs Teachable: Security | Which Is More Secure?

There is a lot of data being stored in online learning platforms. Apart from an obvious concern like credit card data security; student data & course content should also be kept secure.  

Udemy: Security

  • Since the reach of Udemy is very large, the security concerns also increase. 
  • Credit or debit card information entered into Udemy is directly sent to secure databases. This makes it completely safe from any credit card fraud. 
  • The courses uploaded in Udemy are not completely secure. There have been many instances of courses being stolen & pirated. 

Teachable: Security

  • All student data is SSL encrypted & hence will not be prone to leaks.
  • They have 24/7 monitoring to prevent outages from harming your data.
  • All payment gateways are ensured to be PCI level-1 compliant

Verdict #3: Both Udemy & Teachable provide air-tight security when it comes to the protection of your data. However, Udemy does suffer a lot from piracy issues. Hence, Teachable wins this round by being more reliable than Udemy.

Udemy vs Teachable: The Pricing Battle

Teachable: Pricing Plans

Teachable has a three-tier pricing system split into annual & monthly payment plans. The purchasing plans vary with the number of users, transaction charges & additional features. It starts with a basic plan at $39 ($29 if billed annually) a month. 


  • Basic plan package – Teach an unlimited number of students @ $39 a month ($29 if billed annually). The numbers of admin-levels users are limited to 2 in this plan. There is also a 5% transaction fee for every course purchased. It includes features like coupon codes, drip course content & integrated email marketing.
  • Pro plan package – This is their most popular plan. Sell courses to an unlimited number of students @ $119 a month ($99 if billed annually). 5 admin-level users can sell courses without any transaction fees in this plan. It includes every feature in Basic plan plus graded quizzes, certifications & integrated affiliate marketing. 
  • Business plan package – This includes everything in Pro plan for 20 admin-level users @ $299 a month ($249 if billed annually). There are additional features like manual student imports, bulk student enrolments & group coaching calls.

All plans include unlimited videos, courses & hosting. Product support is also available, although priority support is only for Pro & Business plans.

Udemy: Pricing Plans

Udemy has a very different pricing structure compared to Teachable. It is completely free to create a course & host it on Udemy. You will have to pay only when your courses are sold, which is a boon for beginners. There are 3 types of revenue shares in Udemy:  

  • Self-promotion – You will receive 97% of revenue share if students purchase your courses from course referral links provided by you. This type of purchase will generate the highest possible revenue for you per sale. 
  • Organic sale – You will receive a 50% revenue share if sales happen outside of instructor coupons or course referral links. Most of the sale takes place through organic promotion by Udemy
  • Paid advertisement sales – You will only receive a 25% revenue share from this method. Udemy will put out paid advertisements or partner with their affiliates to promote your courses on a global scale. The revenue share could vary according to the advertisement costs.

You won’t have to worry about choosing an ideal plan here since it is in Udemy’s best interest to get you more sales.

Verdict #4: This is not much of a contest. Udemy is the undisputed winner by providing free hosting for your courses. Teachable is far too costly even with a 14 day free trial for their Pro plan.

Udemy vs Teachable: Customer Support

Udemy: Customer Support

Udemy has an exhaustive collection of help articles in their blog to help you through any trouble. But they lack the personal touch by not providing live chat support. Listed below are the types of support given by Udemy:

Udemy-Customer Support

  • Help documentation – Exhaustive collection of helpful articles. Covers everything you would want to know about.
  • Email support- Udemy provides email support for any queries you may have. Although this can be slow-responsive.
  • Support ticket – You can raise a ticket by submitting a request for any queries or complaints you may have. 

Teachable: Customer Support

Teachable has a quick response support team to answer any queries or solve any difficulties you may face. They also have hundreds of articles in their knowledge base to provide you with seamless working experience. They also have an online community for you to ask questions or share ideas.

Teachable-Customer Support

These are the types of support they provide:

  • Help documentation – Their knowledgebase contains articles on everything from integrating your website with Teachable to processing payment.
  • Support ticket – All users will be given access to a help form through which you can raise a ticket. This feature is available 7 days a week.
  • Live chat – This feature is available only to Pro & Business plan subscribers. You will get an instant response to your queries by using this feature. Lice chat is available only on weekdays at working hours (10 AM – 5 PM EST).  
  • TeachableU – This unique support system will furnish you with monthly webinars on how to increase your sales & gain more revenue. 

Verdict #5: Customer support of Udemy is not too shabby. But Teachable clinches this round by providing their customers with a wider range of support.

Udemy vs Teachable: Pros & Cons

Udemy: Pros

  • Perfect for beginners. Experiment with teaching methods or types of courses any way you want since it is free to host courses. 
  • Freedom from marketing dilemmas. Udemy will do all the marketing for you. Sit back & relax after your course is online.
  • Saves time for website maintenance. Forget about any technical issues that may hamper your students from accessing your courses. Udemy will be responsible for providing your students with a seamless experience. 
  • Broadcast your courses on a global platform. Your clients won’t be limited to your followers. You will be able to build a global student base with Udemy.

Teachable: Pros

  • Be your own boss. Use your own domain name and be in complete control.  
  • Customization options. Personalize your course’s homepage to make it appear however you think is best.
  • No transaction charges (5% transaction charges apply on the Basic plan). Also, price your courses as you wish. 
  • Build a brand. Create your own brand and earn more in the long run.
  • Data belongs to you. All student data collected can be seen and used by you for further marketing and promotional purposes.  
  • No internal competition. Only courses made by you will be shown to your students.

Udemy: Cons

  • No flexibility. Cannot customize your course pages. 
  • Fixed course prices. The price of your courses can only range from $9 to $300.
  • Difficult to build a brand. All your courses appear on udemy.com which won’t help if you’re looking to make a brand name for yourself.
  • Internal competition. Udemy will promote your competitor’s courses to increase their overall revenue which can make your numbers suffer.  
  • Udemy owns all student information. You won’t be able to access student data.

Teachable: Cons

  • You’re on your own. Have to go through all the hassle of managing web pages, updating software, removing bugs, etc.
  • Expensive for beginners. The Basic plan starts at $29 a month.
  • Recurring monthly fee. Will have to pay Teachable even if no sales are made in a month.
  • Marketing by yourself. Teachable won’t provide support when it comes to marketing your courses. You will have to hunt & find leads by yourself. 
  • The reach of your courses will be severely restricted if you do not have a brand name.

Udemy vs Teachable: User Review 


@udemy is a wonderful platform. Finished IOT, AWS, Node Red lectures along with many others. Keep learning, keep growing  –Mohit Hooda
Many of my coworkers choose to use Udemy for continuing education. I feel it has the best selection, training and curriculum vs others I have tried. Yes, the courses may be longer than others, but they’re more detailed. – Jennifer of Minneapolis, MN


Teachable review 1 Teachable review 2

Faq’s On Udemy vs Teachable

👉 Is Teachable free to use?

Teachable is not available for free. Teachable has a three-tier pricing system split into annual & monthly payment plans. The purchasing plans vary with the number of users, transaction charges & additional features. It starts with a basic plan at $29 a month.

🤔 Can I upload and sell audio courses from Udemy & Teachable?

Abosulety! Couse content can be anything & can be uploaded as videos, PDFs, audio files, infographics, and Google Docs. Both Udemy & Teachable are very flexible when it comes to this. Although it is advised to upload as videos if you want more revenue from Udemy.

🤷‍♀️ Is Udemy easy to use?

Yes, it is. Udemy is one of the easiest online platforms to use. You just have to upload your courses and then forget about the rest. Apart from being simple to upload, they also actively promote your courses.

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Udemy vs Teachable: The Final Verdict

It was a closely fought battle. But Teachable emerged victorious after winning most of the rounds. However, that doesn’t make it the automatic choice. Both Udemy & Teachable have their unique strengths & weaknesses. If you are a beginner looking to foray into the world of digital courses, then Udemy is for you. Udemy’s free hosting makes it a no-brainer in this regard. However, if you have an established following & the will to build your own brand, then Teachable is undoubtedly the platform for you.

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  2. An incredible online course stage that is improving constantly

    My #1 thing about Teachable is it ‘simply works’ out of the crate. A large portion of its usefulness is natural and it doesn’t attempt to add 1,000,000 highlights that the vast majority will not utilize. It’s a product instrument that understands what it is and who it’s for. It makes it simple to make a gorgeous site and get a course available to be purchased


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